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Guys, where are you?

I'm wearing my Jesus Blokes t-shirt. I'm hoping that the Holy Spirit will direct someone's gaze towards it and move in their heart to have a chat with me. This ministry isn't about numbers. We meet every two weeks, whether there are 15 people or 5. Jesus Blokes is...

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Draw near to Jesus in 2015

If Jesus returned today, would He consider you to be His faithful follower? This isn't meant to be a guilt trip because making you feel guilty won't achieve anything. You may go to Church every week (or not), give your tithes and offerings and consider yourself to be...

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Share YOUR story!

The LORD is always at work in our lives. What has He been teaching you or taught you lately? Would you like to share the lesson(s) you have learnt? Do you want to/long for God to use you to bless others? If you've answered yes to one or more of the questions above,...

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